About us

About Infomous™

Most online activities involve reading: search, social, email, news, consumer reviews... Infomous turns text into an interactive visualization that gives users an instant snapshot of what is trending, and then lets them explore what is relevant to them. Infomous will revolutionize the way people interact with the web.

Individuals use Infomous to get a quick snapshot of content that interests them, focusing on what is relevant to them. Publishers use Infomous to engage their readers and to increase the circulation and value of their content. Advertisers can reach audiences based on the topics to which they respond. Corporations and event organizers can monitor relevant information.

Infomous clouds are easy to create and share: select the topics or content that interests you, adjust the words and colors to your liking, then save it to your favorites or add it to any site with a simple embed. Infomous is free, an enterprise version is available for larger sites.

The technology was originally developed by Icosystem Corp., and was spun off as an independent entity in Q3 2011. Infomous is headquartered in Cambridge, MA with offices in New York and Buenos Aires.