Press Mentions

The following sites have been kind enough to say some good things about us. Please note that links will open in a new browser page.

Dec 2013 8 Startups on How They Celebrated the Holidays - article by Ronald Barba in Tech Cocktail.
August 2013 Inside Look at Investor Hangouts: Founder of Infomous Says, Keep It Short & Simple - article by Paolo Gaudiano in Women 2.0.
August 2013 Trending Stories on Startup Culture from Around the World - article by Corey McAveeney in Kulture Envy.
August 2013 Best UX & Interface Design Articles Realtime - article by Dmitry Dragilev in Fresh Tilled Soil.
June 2013 Infomous investit les réseaux sociaux et c’est impressionnant! (in French, title translates to "Infomous invests in social networks and it is awesome!").
May 2013 Got your head in the clouds? We did at EMC World! Blog by Chandra Jacobs of EMC.
May 2013 theCUBE: Infomous at EMC's Women of World Event - Check out Sheryl Chamberlain and Kare Anderson speaking about #EMCWOW. Coverage of Infomous can be seen approximately 7:05 minutes into the program!
Feb 2013 Taxonomy Exploration with Infomous - a blog from World of Data
Feb 2013 Infomous on Showtime's Inside the NFL - Check out Infomous on Showtime's Inside the NFL. Coverage of the Infomous platform can be seen approximately 1:30 minutes into the program!
Jan 2013 Infomous – An Awesome Blog Post and News Discovery and Display Tool - a blog by Tom Treanor of Right Mix Marketing
Jan 2013 Word Clouds, Vblocks, and Backup - a blog by Chandra Jacobs of EMC
Jan 2013 Visual representation shows trending Super Bowl 2013 food (and team) topics in real time - article in the New Orleans Times-Picayune describing our work for Super Bowl XLVII.
Sep 2012 Infomous was selected as a Global Hot 100 innovative companies to showcase at the2012 World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
June 2012 Harness the power of Data Visualization with Digimind Article by Orlaith Finnegan in
June 2012 Infomous = οπτικοποιήστε το κείμενό σας (in Greek, title translates to "Infomous = visualize your text").
June 2012 Nantucket Conference 2012: Audio, pics and tweets Article by Scott Kirsner in
Apr 2012 3 Ways to Visualize Text with Infomous. Article by Devon Glenn in SocialTimes.
Apr 2012 INFOMOUS: un superbe outil pour identifier, organiser visuellement et partager de l'information (in French, title translates to "INFOMOUS: a superb tool to identify, organize and share information").
Apr 2012 Les outils VRAIMENT utiles aux Community Managers (in French, title translates to "The tools that are REALLY useful for community managers").
Feb 2012 Neurobonkers: Your new favorite page
Feb 2012 Infomous: une nouvelle façon de traiter l’information online! (in French, title translates to "Infomous: a new way to process online information").
Jan 2012 Intelligences Connectées: Fabriquer son observatoire Twitter avec Infomous (in French, title translates to "Build your Titter monitor with Infomous).
Nov 2011 Visualizing 3D Printing and Additive Fabrication on Twitter
Sep 2011 New England Post: Cambridge Company Creates New, Cloud-based Atmosphere For Online Navigation
May 2011 Fast Company: Infomous does dataviz right, in real time
May 2011 TEFLGEEK: Infomous Clouds