The Team

The Infomous Team

Paolo Gaudiano, Founder and President

As President of Infomous, Paolo Gaudiano is responsible for leading the technology, operations, and business development of the company. As President and CTO of Infomous’ parent company, Icosystem, Paolo also identifies synergies between the two companies. Before joining Icosystem in 2001, Paolo was Chief Scientist at Artificial Life, a company that applied natural language processing and autonomous agent technology to a variety of Internet usage and navigation problems. He began his career at Boston University, where he was a tenured associate professor specializing in robotics and and machine vision. Paolo holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics, an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University. He remains academically involved, currently teaching at Tufts University’s Gordon Institute.

Pablo Funes, Founder and CTO

Pablo Funes is the CTO of Infomous. Pablo developed the initial technology that became the Infomous platform while he was Vice President of Research & Development at Icosystem. Prior to joining Icosystem in 2001, Pablo was one of the founders of Evolutionary Design, which used computers to create novel designs for industry or architecture, and Collective Interactive Evolution, which tapped the interactions of thousands of users to develop advanced behaviors on an online system. Pablo also founded MAPA Systems, a consulting company that developed custom software platforms for small businesses. Pablo received an M.S. in mathematics and a Ph.D. from J.B. Pollack’s DEMO lab at Brandeis University.

Leonardo Solaas, Creative Director

Leonardo oversees the design and development of the various user-facing components of Infomous. A programmer and designer who also has a significant career as a new media artist, Leonardo has been awarded, among other distinctions, the IBM Media Art Award and the Premio Fundación Telefónica. Additionaly he has investigated and produced artistic, commercial or theoretical work in the fields of generative systems, data visualization, social networks, knowledge representation and rule-based processes, and teaches graduate and post-graduate courses at University of Tres de Febrero and Centro Cultural de España. Leonardo works and lives in Buenos Aires.

Carolyn Potter, Treasurer

Carolyn Potter is responsible for finance at Infomous and its parent company, Icosystem. Carolyn joined Icosystem in 2001 after 10 years of experience in HR. She oversees all financial management for Icosystem and its portfolio of companies, including Infomous and Concentric. She earned a B.A. from the University of Connecticut.