Cool demos using Infomous

Cool ways to use Infomous

While Infomous was originally designed primarily to summarize and visualize large sources of text, there are some other cool ways it can be used, and we have no doubt that the Infomous user community will find many more! On this page you will find links to some examples of cool demos and mockups using Infomous. Each link will open in a new window.

  • WordyUP is an Infomous-powered, open-ended text analysis platform for researchers and marketers, provided by our friends at Twist of Lime. Use WordyUP to filter and visualize open ended data such as customer surveys or any other text.
  • The NewsWhip-powered page where you can follow the world's most shared news, provided by our friends at NewsWhip.
  • The demo Infomous web site navigation page where we created a "hand-crafted" Infomous cloud that replaces the traditional navigation menu

We will continue to add cool new applications of Infomous, so keep checking this page. And if you have created any cool demos that you think should be featured on this page, drop us a line!