How Infomous Works

Infomous for Publishers

Infomous transforms the way users navigate and discover content online by simply letting them “see” and “scan”. Infomous Spotlighters allow users to explore more content on your site, effortlessly and visually.

The Infomous platform is a patent pending proprietary algorithm that analyzes content feeds and then dynamically generates an interactive cloud from your content. Keyword size represents importance and groups show related concepts.

  • Clicking or hovering over a keyword reveals a list of links to related content on your site. These links generate additional pageviews when users click on them.
  • The Infomous Spotlighter also has a sponsored links module that allows publishers to create unobtrusive, contextually relevant keyword advertising with text and images.
  • Readers can further interact with your content by drilling down on key words for more detailed information or hiding unwanted words.

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