Publisher Solutions

Infomous for Publishers

With Infomous Publisher Solutions, online publishers can actually increase page views, maximize time spent on site, and ultimately drive deeper engagement with their brand.

Headline Spotlighter

  • Used in place of Most Read, Most Emailed, or Most Recent modules on your site.
  • Use content that you wish to promote or is most relevant to your audience.
  • Expose 5 to 10 x more content.

Channel Spotlighter

  • Put your “Homepage on every page" by using it to complement your site navigation menus.
  • Keywords reflect main section headings or channels.
  • Thread it throughout your site for a seamless navigation experience.

Social Spotlighter

  • Use it to incorporate social & UGC content in a compelling and complementary way to your content experience.
  • Organize social & UGC content for easy navigation and to create monetization opportunities.
  • User engagement increases when readers participate in the thread of the story line.

Feature Spotlighter

  • Use it to enhance and provide depth to important stories.
  • Incorporate multiple content sources including, social and archival content.
  • Increase reader engagement and circulation by providing them with additional content for the stories they care about.

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