The Washington Post

The Washington Post is one of the premier U.S. news websites with a distinct editorial heritage. Its audience has a strong interest in national and political news, as well as a deep regional focus. Their readership is passionate about current events and the editorial team is committed to increasing engagement of their audience with their site.

The Need
The Washington Post was looking for a new way to enhance engagement of their audience around key news topics. With the recession and attendant unemployment crisis reaching its second year, the editorial staff wanted to offer insights on the situation from the lens of those most affected by the crisis, the unemployed.

The Infomous Solution
The Washington Post used an Infomous Feature Spotlighter to explore commentaries written by six individuals who were featured in the main story on unemployment. The Feature Spotlighter was placed below the main article content and was also linked through a small screenshot near the top of the page (see Unemployment Stories).

The Results
The Feature Spotlighter yielded excellent results along multiple dimensions:

  • 10.5% user interaction
  • 54% secondary click through to source content (i.e., 5.7% total click-through)
  • 3.5x increased time spent on site.
The Washington Post found that the Feature Spotlighter drove a significant number of users into the related content on their site, providing overall deeper engagement and richer audience experience with their site.

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