Gallery of Visual Exploration Tools with Infomous

Infomous is a Visual Exploration platform that makes content discovery fun, engaging and productive. Consumers enjoy Infomous because they spend more time reading content they care about, and less time looking for it. Publishers benfit from lower bounce rates, longer visits, increased yield of their editorial, and a access to a variety of revenue opportunities.

This page showcases a range of tools in our portfolio. For each tool we describe its use and benefits, and we provide a link to a live demo. Please check out these examples, and contact us if you have any questions.

The Time Machine Give your reader access to archival stories to increase the yield and shelf life of your editorial. Readers will love re-living stories from last year, or simply catching up on what happened during the past week.
The News Navigator Let your readers find current content that is relevant to them across any section of your site - an interactive visual alternative to static navigation menus.
Infomous for Mobile Did you know that Infomous offers a mobile app? Get it free from iTunes and experience an amazing new way to discover content on-the-go. We now offer custom / white-label versions that can be integrated with existing apps, or as a standalone app.
The Social Spotlighter Social media and user comments can create a great sense of community - or chaos. Use the Infomous Social Spotlighter to make social media and UGC fun, engaging and useful. Use it to replace your Twitter scroller, or give it its own page for greater engagement. Add sponsored content to grow revenues.
The Advertiser Display This module lets advertisers showcase content in many formats (video, images, text, social media, ...) through a single, visually compelling Infomous cloud. Your advertisers will love the amount of time readers spend exploring their content!
The Classifieds Explorer Browsing Classifieds has never been so much fun... or so easy! Show your readers the most recent job offerings, or make it a fully interactive page where readers can fine-tune their search, whether they are looking for the next job or the house of their dreams.
Visual Exploration Buttons To save real estate and benefit from broad adoption, embed our customizable Infomous button throughout your web site. Readers will quickly adopt the pop-up Visual Exploration cloud as their favorite way to navigate your content - without getting lost in the structure of your site.