The #AWXI Social Media Visual Explorer by Infomous

The #AWXI Social Media Explorer is based on the Infomous Visual Exploration technology. This cloud lets you explore social media related to #AWXI. You can use the scroller beneath the cloud and the date selectors to explore social media at various times during the event. For a movie-like view, click the green time slider and then use the arrow keys to advance/rewind.

Word size indicates how often that word occurs in tweets about the event. Related words and concepts are linked together with lines. Coloring has been used to highlight the names of event speakers.

Click any word to show a list of related tweets. You can reply, retweet and favorite any tweet once you hover over it (or tap it on mobile).

Please note that this version was optimized for a web-based, fixed-size screen display. Responsive, mobile-friendly implementations are also possible.

Find out more at the Infomous web site