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Company I comments
Explore D&I news curated by Aleria.Tech
A collection of D&I news curated by the Aleria team
Cloud from
Forbes Women
A collection of feeds from (mostly) women who contribute to Forbes on topics related to gender
Entrepicurean Blog
The Entrepicurean Blog
PM or Nicotine or smoke free
VIzExp demo
Lexpert CLoud
Twitter search: insidePMI
Diversity Matters: a collection of D&I stories
Uses the most recent 50 items from the newsletter and Infomous sources feed
Forbes Newsletter from Diigo
Uses the most recent 50 items from the feed
Demo Survey Cloud
A demo cloud constructed from open-ended responses in a survey.
Articles, blogs, podcasts and other source of information about women
Sample twitter list from Brand24
HR-related newsletters
brand24 MarioBros
Freeman Visual Exploration
Jim Nico on twitter
Piece of crap
Gnieslaw test from Excel file - CLONE
Created three separate feeds: English, German, French. Use the Feed Manager in the control bar ...
Test for Gnieslaw - authors